Office 365 Email Signature Manager

Crossware Mail Signature allows you to centrally control the Office 365 email signature of every employee. This includes emails being sent from mobile devices.

Our Office 365 email signature manager does not require you to use any third party email client or mobile application.

Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Your email never leaves the Microsoft cloud
  • Authenticated by Microsoft Office 365 protocols
  • Works on everything. No client agents required
  • Apply a different Office 365 signature by groups or rules
  • Pull correct information from your directory
  • Supports all mobile devices

Why use Crossware for your Office 365 email signature?

Our Office 365 email signature manager is very unique. All other products require you to either install the software locally on every users device or require you to use a specific app when sending emails from a mobile device. With Crossware Mail Signature your Office 365 email signature is added in a secure closed loop and authenticated by standard Microsoft Office 365 protocol. This means that your email never leaves the Microsoft cloud and you will not need to use any specific email client or app.

Our Office 365 email signature manager allows you to send your emails exactly as you always have!

The best Office 365 email signature manager for any sized business

  • Take control of your Office 365 email signature
  • Correct and up to date details on every email
  • Easily create an email signature template with our HTML editor
  • No need to use any specific apps or clients
  • Completely secure within the Microsoft cloud
  • Crossware is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner
  • Join a customer base from over 50 countries!

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Allow IT to take control

  • Ensure every employee has the same signature layout
  • No need to install anything on every machine and device
  • Give control to whoever needs to make changes
  • Push changes to the entire company with one click
  • Create different templates for different departments
  • Use a simple Office 365 email signature for internal emails

Maximise your marketing

  • Maintain a consistent brand image
  • Include your company logo on every email
  • Drive traffic to your social media profiles
  • Include targeted advertising banners
  • Control who has editor rights
  • No more “Sent from my iPhone”!
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