Crossware Mail Signature for IBM Domino

Server Based

Crossware Mail Signature is installed on your server on-premise. This means that you have complete control over everyone’s email signatures.

Supports all devices

No need to use any specific email client or app. Just send email as you usually do, from any device and automatically add your beautiful email signature.

Up to date details

Crossware Mail Signature pulls the correct contact information from your directory. So everyone’s details will always be up to date.

Crossware Mail Signature for IBM Domino is installed directly on to your server. It is typically up and running in less than 30 minutes.

All email goes via your server, where Crossware Mail Signature adds all of your branding, contact details, legal disclaimer and imagery. What is added depends on the recipient or sender of the email. Take control of your Domino email signatures.

on premise email signatures

Step One

The user sends an email, from any device.

Step Two

The email goes via your mail server, where Crossware Mail Signature sees the email and adds the correct signature.

Step Three

The email arrives in the recipient’s inbox, with your beautiful email signature.


For further technical information about using Crossware Mail Signature to control your Domino email signatures, visit our IBM Domino Knowledge Base.

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