Mobile Email Signatures

Crossware Mail Signature appends your professional email signature on all emails sent from any device, supporting all Domino, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange clients including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

mobile email signature

Allow “BYOD”

Let employees bring their own device to the office and set up their work mail with no branding issues to worry about.

Maintain consistency

Ensure that no emails from mobiles devices end with the unprofessional “sent from my iPhone/Android”.

No end-user effort

Mobile email signatures are managed centrally and therefore require no individual device setting up.

Why have a mobile email signature?

Technology over the past decade has been all about “going mobile”. 50% of all mobile phones in the US are smartphones, with business users leading the statistics. Employees of prominent companies have started sending emails ending with “sent from my iPhone” or “sent from my Android”… their emails lack any branding and, even worse, they lack any professional contact details.

As Crossware Mail Signature is installed at the server-level, your professional email signature gets appended on all emails sent from any device – maintaining consistency across the entire company. You can be sure that all emails leaving your company are branded correctly and display the correct personal contact details.

No longer do you have to worry about the lack of control that mobile devices provide, you can now feel free to give employees permission to use their own mobile device for work emailing and be confident that their communications are as professional as always.

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