Create Email Disclaimers with Crossware

Crossware Mail Signature allows you to specify an email disclaimer to be appended to all emails leaving your company. You can choose whether these disclaimers are added to internal or external emails – or both – and configure several different disclaimers to be automatically applied to emails from different departments.

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Correct placement

Insert disclaimers below the most recently typed text rather than at the bottom of the thread to ensure relevancy.


Give specific individuals editing rights for your disclaimer and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.

All devices

Keep your email disclaimer compliant and consistent across all devices from the desktop to the iPhone and beyond.

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Why have an email disclaimer?

These days it’s vital to be 100% confident that every email being sent from your organisation is compliant with the laws and regulations of the recipient’s country, or else be prepared to receive a hefty penalty! Different countries maintain different policies regarding email disclaimers. As a guideline, the European Union states that every email must include the company’s name, its registration number, its place of registration and its registered office address.

Policies are becoming more common as Internet security tightens. Unfortunately, it takes just one stray email to render a company susceptible to being fined. Therefore it is of utmost importance that every single email leaving your company is compliant. Our email disclaimer whitepaper.

Let Crossware Mail Signature take care of your concerns by managing your email disclaimers company-wide.

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