Create Branded Email Signatures with Crossware

Take control of your email branding! Crossware Mail Signature allows you to create professional and consistent email signatures that include your company’s branding and correct personal details to be appended to all emails leaving your organisation.

Email branding

Multiple designs

Configure multiple email signature designs and apply them to suit specific company divisions and departments – or even individuals.


Give specific individuals editing rights for signature designs and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.

All devices

Keep your email branding consistent across all devices from the desktop to the iPhone and beyond.

Why implement email branding?

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designing and maintaining their brand image, using logos, signage, business cards and even elevator music to draw attention to their brand. Yet when it comes to the everyday email, the most common touch point with customers and prospects, the all-important brand is so often left to the whims of the email sender.

Just like your business cards, every email should feature correct logos and contact details for specific departments and individuals. Consistency is an integral part of branding, so rather than putting all that money to waste, let Crossware Mail Signature ensure that your company has professional email branding – with consistent fonts, graphics and disclaimers!

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