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Company: Temagruppen AB

Industry: Architecture & Planning

Location: Sweden

Number of servers: 5

Number of Users: 160

Email Client: IBM Notes

Email Server: IBM Domino

Crossware mail signature Temagruppen

Case Study – Temagruppen AB


Temagruppen AB needed the ability to maintain a corporate standard signature, regardless of the device that the email was being sent from.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

“We evaluated two products and also compared these two products with what we could develop on our own. We compared functionality and time for implementation”

“We needed a signature that is added on the servers instead of on the client. This gives us the corporate signature when we mail from a smartphone with Notes Traveler”.

The Implementation

“Everything worked as it was stated in the installation instructions. The few issues that arose could easily be solved reading the FAQ on Crossware’s support site”.


Temagruppen AB found Crossware Mail Signature to be “an easily maintained corporate signature system”. The ease at which a new user can be registered allowed Temagruppen to avoid creating a completely new signature. When one of their offices changed phone number, they could simply update their directory and it would be included on every new email, along with a sub signature for that particular office stating that the number had changed.

“Because of the fact that Crossware can handle both server signatures and local signatures, we were able to wipe our old signature in an easy way.”

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