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Company: Sharp Corporation

Industry: Electronics

Location: New Zealand

Number of servers: 3

Number of Users: 110

Email Client: IBM Notes

Email Server: IBM Domino

sharp uses crossware mail signature

Case Study – Sharp Corporation


Sharp needed an email signature solution that could create consistency across all users in the business. With employees across New Zealand, they also needed to centrally manage their email signatures without relying on the end user.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

They decided that Crossware Mail Signature stood out above the other options because of the cost and the usability.

“Crossware has allowed us to implement changes to email signatures nationwide instead of relying on the end user to change their signature individually. This gives us a consistent look and feel to all communications”.

The Implementation

The IT team found the installation and configuration of Crossware Mail Signature to be very simple. The Crossware support team worked to address any questions before control was handed over to their marketing team.


The marketing team has found the product to be simple and easy to use with minimal training required.

Sharp now has consistency across their electronic communications.

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