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Company: Resene Paints

Industry: Paint Supplies

Location: New Zealand

Number of servers: 1

Number of Users: 501

Email Client: Microsoft Outlook

Email Server: Microsoft Exchange

Crossware Mail Signature resene logo

Case Study – Resene Paints


Resene Paints required an email signature solution to create a standardised signature across the entire company which allowed them to change formats quickly and easily. Their Business Support Analyst Jake Tibbs was responsible for the management of their email signatures.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

“We firstly looked at Exchange transport rules but wanted something easier and quicker”.

They tried a number of different products with mixed results. The reason Crossware Mail Signature stood out from the rest was the quality of the support and the fact that it is based locally in New Zealand.

The Implementation

Jake Tibbs found the installation of Crossware Mail Signature to be very easy. Our Sales and Support teams worked closely with him to answer any questions.


The original requirement for Resene Paints was for everyone to have a standardised email signature to maintain brand consistency.

The result is that every email that leaves the Resene Paints organisation (including those sent from mobiles) now includes:

  • Company logo
  • Social media links
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Website link
  • Correct contact details

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