Company: Olympus Australia

Location: Australia

Number of servers: 1

Number of Users: 320

Email Client: IBM Notes

Email Server: IBM Domino

Case Study – Olympus Australia

We spoke to Oliver Clarke, the Communications Manager at Olympus about their experience with Crossware Mail Signature.

Why did you need an email signature solution?

“We were relying on each individual setting up their own email signature which resulted in inconsistency across the business and people were also taking liberties with their job titles so we could see a clear benefit of being able to control the signatures from a central position.”

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

“We looked at a few different solutions including building a macro-embedded Word or Excel sheet that would spit out the correct HTML code for each employee to paste into their signature, a web based version of the same thing, or a completely integrated tool like Crossware. It was an obvious choice for me!”

“More than anything, it was the ability to fully integrate into our Lotus Notes server and apply a signature ‘at the back end’ across any device thus allowing a consistent brand across all of our email channels.”

“And being able to roll out signatures to staff centrally was another fantastic feature.”

How was the Implementation?

“Exceptionally easy. Once we settled on the design of the signature, rolling it out was one of the smoothest things I’ve seen. It’s worked from day one and hasn’t had a single slip up.”

What are the key benefits?

  • Being able to rest easy knowing that our brand is being represented correctly in the market.
  • Improving staff satisfaction by having a professional service such as this. People love it!
  • Knowing that our staff are representing themselves accurately through their correct titles.
  • Being able to roll out ad banners by department centrally to ensure that all ads meet branding guidelines

Why should companies use Crossware Mail Signature?

“To me, it’s a ‘must-have’ tool for all companies who are concerned about managing their brand in the marketplace.”

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