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Company: MBtech

Industry: Engineering

Location: Germany

Number of offices: 20

Number of Users: 3000

Email Client: IBM Notes

Email Server: IBM Domino

Crossware Mail Signature MBTech

Case Study – MBtech


The senior management at MBtech required a variable and flexible email signature solution which allowed them to have a centralised legal disclaimer on all of their emails.

Although they used IBM Notes, a migration to Microsoft Exchange in the future was likely. It was important that Crossware Mail Signature worked with both Notes and Exchange to make the migration easier. Changing the license from Notes to Exchange would incur no extra cost with a current Software Maintenance and Support Agreement.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

“Flexible architecture, good handling, the possibility of server based or local signatures and the ability to add further information (disclaimer, promotions, dates)”.

“It’s a flexible tool, support did some Lotus Notes scripts for us to realise our requirements. It’s all possible with Crossware”.

The Benefits

They identified 3 key benefits while using Crossware Mail Signature:

1. Minimise administrative efforts

2. Automatically update company email signatures

3. Quick implementation of requirements


MBtech found that the installation and implementation was good, including “competent and fast support”.

Every email that leaves the MBtech organisation now has a professional email signature, which includes their:

  • Company logo
  • Website link
  • Contact details
  • Legal disclaimer

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