Crossware Mail Signature Frenzi Group

Company: Frenzi Group

Industry: Hospitality

Location: New Zealand

Number of Users: 40

Email Client: Microsoft Office 365

Email Server: Microsoft Office 365/Cloud

Case Study – Frenzi Group

We spoke to Greg Stride, the IT Manager at Frenzi Group about their experience with Crossware Mail Signature.

Why did you need an email signature solution?

“We have multiple companies across New Zealand and managing email signatures in the cloud for every employee was a big challenge for us. Hence, we really wanted a centralized email signature management tool in the cloud”.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

“We evaluated the products from some of the big names in Europe. The most important issue for us was email security. We knew that Microsoft cloud was very secure. However, we could not trust the cloud infrastructure of a third party service provider. Crossware could assure us of complete email security as their own infrastructure is within the Azure & Microsoft datacenters across the world.

The other competitive solutions were routing our emails to third party infrastructure to append a signature, and couldn’t ensure a 100% guarantee of email getting delivered to the right recipient, if their own infrastructure went down”.

How was the Implementation?

“A cakewalk! We made a few configuration changes as suggested by Crossware and everything was up and running. We could then design signatures according to different groups, departments, email domains etc”.

What are the key benefits?

“The interface and implementation is really slick. The fact that there is no local installation is mind boggling. The other products that we had tried were based on local installation. So we had to install a plug-in on each device so that emails from that device could get a signature. But, with Crossware, it just supported every device and email client without any local installation”.

Have you noticed any specific results while using Crossware Mail Signature?

“Brand consistency across all sister companies – we couldn’t have asked for more. We are now endorsing our own brand with every email. We are also using the feature of email advertising and marketing to promote our future products, services, and events for free”.

Would you recommend Crossware to other companies?

“It’s a no-brainer for every company operating in the Office 365 environment. It provides you with an unanticipated flexibility which was missing in all other solutions that we had tried”.

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