Company: Berendsen

Industry: Textile services

Location: Denmark

Number of servers: 1

Number of Users: 1000

Email Client: IBM Notes

Email Server: IBM Domino

berendsen uses crossware mail signature

Case Study – Berendsen

Berendsen Textil Service is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies, with operations in 13 countries. They implemented Crossware Mail Signature for IBM Notes to assist with standardising their email signatures, and to add company branding.

Why Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware made the job easy.

“Crossware Mail Signature has not only made it possible for us to raise our profile and our brand, it has also provided the company with an effective method of promoting the companies services and solutions.”

The Implementation

A Copenhagen based reseller implemented Crossware Mail Signature to quickly help solve their needs.

Berendsen wanted to raise its profile towards their customers, and in their search for a flexible tool found Crossware Mail Signature …. “we installed a trial version of the product and found it to be quick and easy to implement.”


The outcome couldn’t be better.

“We’re really happy with the response to our company image on all our emails. The feedback from our customers and suppliers has been extremely positive”

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