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Microsoft Office 365

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Crossware allows you to control your entire company's email signatures from one easy database


Maximise your brand’s reach, by including your company logo, styles and colours on every email.


Include the correct, appropriate and compliant legal disclaimer on all email.


Turn every email into an opportunity. Target ads to specific groups or individuals.


Include your beautiful signature on every email, from any device. You can even remove existing text.

Central database

Take control of everyone’s email signatures from one central database, and give editor rights to whoever needs it.


Start with a free template, or create your own from scratch. You can even paste in existing HTML.

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We evaluated the products from some of the big names in Europe. The most important issue for us was email security. We knew that Microsoft cloud was very secure. However, we could not trust the cloud infrastructure of a third party service provider. Crossware could assure us of complete email security as their own infrastructure is within the Azure & Microsoft datacenters across the world.

The other competitive solutions were routing our emails to third party infrastructure to append a signature, and couldn’t ensure a 100% guarantee of email getting delivered to the right recipient, if their own infrastructure went down.


We were relying on each individual setting up their own email signature which resulted in inconsistency across the business and people were also taking liberties with their job titles so we could see a clear benefit of being able to control the signatures from a central position. And being able to roll out signatures to staff centrally was another fantastic feature.

To me, it’s a ‘must-have’ tool for all companies who are concerned about managing their brand in the marketplace.

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