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The Best Email Signature Software for Office 365, Exchange and IBM Domino

More than 650,000 people around the world already use our email signature software to enhance their Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and IBM Domino experience. Crossware Mail Signature lets you automatically include professional looking email signatures and disclaimers on every email leaving your company.

Crossware Mail Signature email signature software

Our product is unique, with the following features:

  • Create your own HTML signatures (and import existing HTML).
  • Create conditional signatures, using our rule builder.
  • Promote your brand consistently on all emails.
  • Promote company products and events with banner advertisements.
  • Be legally compliant, with your disclaimer on every email.
  • Works on every device, including mobile.

The Challenge

Does this sound familiar? You’ve spent money and time on developing your brand. You’ve got logos, business cards and a beautiful website boasting your fantastic product. There’s just one thing wrong – you’re not taking control of your email branding!

By allowing individuals to control their email signatures, you put your brand in their hands. This means inconsistent branding, unprofessional emails and forgotten disclaimers.

It’s time to take back control and turn your emails into an amazing marketing tool.

The Solution

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature software application that allows you full control of your organisational email signatures. It’s powerful and flexible allowing your to automatically add compliant, personalised (using your Corporate Directory) and attractive email signatures to every email (no matter what device it’s sent or received on).

We’re not just talking about everything below “Kind regards”. Your signatures can include both headers and footers with your logo, advertising banner, social media icons, graphics and legal disclaimer. You’re in full control of when, where, and to whom these are displayed.

Crossware Mail Signature means no more individual configurations or endless follow-ups of resistant employees. It also requires no design changes to your directory or mail template. We’ve got every feature you need and you can try it out with a Free 30 Day Trial right now.

Don’t just take our word for it… Read the reviews!

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