Centralised Management

Central management

Control all email signatures from one configuration database. Crossware Mail Signature may just sit on your workspace, yet it has power over every single device in your organisation.

Control your email signatures


With email signatures being added at the server, end-users don’t get a chance to modify their individual signatures.

Easy rich text editor

Design your company’s email signature using a simple rich text field. Have control over fonts, tables and images.

All devices

Centrally configured email signatures will be applied to all mobile devices with no further setup necessary.

Why is this of concern?

Companies often implement email signatures in one of three ways: They don’t enforce one, anybody can sign-off however they want; They provide guidelines for a desired email signature and leave it up to the employee to follow them (or not); They tell IT Support to set up an email signature on every single workstation, only to have it tampered with afterwards by the user.

Each of these methods results in your company losing control of its email signature block, which often leads to the CEO’s disapproval.

Crossware Mail Signature provides centralised control of your email signatures. Your signatures are configured using a simple yet powerful configuration database. You don’t need to use complicated HTML code. No setting changes are needed on your desktops. Best of all, if you update a user’s contact information or job title in the address book, that change will be automatically updated in their email signature as soon as the change is made.

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