Frequently Asked Questions about Crossware Mail Signature

Who is Crossware?

Crossware was originally founded in Denmark as an IBM Business Partner Services offering in 1992.

In 1999,  after a fabulous trip, our founders decided to move their lives, and Crossware, to New Zealand. Since then, Crossware has grown steadily into a team of dedicated IT professionals with a passion for email. We have established offices in the USA and UK, and expanded our services to Microsoft products, providing a market leading email signature solution for Office 365, Exchange, IBM Domino and IBM Smart Cloud Notes.

What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature application that simplifies the creation and maintenance of company email signatures. Sleek, compliant and personalized email signatures are automatically added to each email, no matter what device you’re sending from.

Crossware Mail Signature works for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino and IBM SmartCloud Notes.

Why do we need to manage our email signatures?

Email is the most common form of electronic communication worldwide, especially for businesses. It is therefore hugely important for every email to convey your brand image as well as complying to email disclaimer regulations. You wouldn’t let your employees design their own business cards!

Who uses Crossware Mail Signature?

Companies in any industry and of any size… anybody can use this product! Our smallest customer consists of 1 user, whereas our largest current customer has 30,000 users. Over 1000 corporate customers use Crossware Mail Signature, totaling more than 600,000 individual email users.

How easy is it to install?

The application is very simple to install via our installation wizard, which usually takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Then it is a matter of designing and creating your email signature(s) – making them as simple or as complex as you wish.

What support is offered?

All our licenses include 12 months of Software Maintenance and Support. This gives customers access to all of the latest updates, as well as full technical support of the application.

Why use it over the standard client email signature feature?

The standard client feature is very difficult to manage at a corporate level. You have to either create each email signature individually or push a generic email signature out to the clients; and even then the end-user can tamper with their own email signature. Updates to email signatures take a lot of effort. Finally, these signatures won’t appear on your emails from mobile devices. Crossware Mail Signature solves all these problems as well as adding an array of additional benefits!

Can different groups have different email signatures?

Yes, many of our customers set up various email signatures according to their different departments/divisions within their organisations. These can be based on groups in your Address Book, domain names, or even based on conditional rules.

Can I have different email signatures for internal/external emails?

Yes, you can easily create different versions of your email signature, one for internal emails and one for external emails, and these will be applied automatically for every email.

What clients are supported?

Crossware Mail Signature is client independent, as it is installed on the server (or Office 365 cloud); therefore all devices and clients that send email via your mail server are supported.

What are the installation requirements?

All major Domino Server platforms from Version 8.0 and upward are supported, along with IBM Lotus Notes clients from Version 8.0 and above running on Windows/ Linux/ Macintosh. On Microsoft we support Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Do I need to set up an email signature for each individual?

Not at all! Crossware Mail Signature allows you to set up a single email signature for your entire organisation, or multiple email signatures based on groups within your organisation. Personal information is then pulled dynamically into the email signature every time an email is sent.

How is the software licensed?

There are two options for licensing:
Perpetual License – available for: Domino and Exchange
Subscription License – available for: Domino, Exchange & Office 365

Contact our Sales Team for more information via our Sales Enquiry form.

How much does Crossware Mail Signature cost?

Crossware Mail Signature is licensed on a per user basis, where a user is defined as any mail file that requires a signature.

You can get a quote here.

What happens if we migrate to another email platform?

If your company decides to migrate to any of our supported platforms, contact your local Crossware sales manager to discuss the migration process.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, you can download our fully functional product for free and try it out for 30 days. Please click here to fill in our download form.

How do I upgrade to the latest software version?

Visit the upgrade page here.

Try Crossware Mail Signature for 30 days, for free!

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